Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010...nutshell version

2010 was such a fun year! Our kids got so big, the transition from 18 months to 2 1/2 years is HUGE (Sailyr). We did tons of fun stuff and just enjoyed being a family! So here it is in a nutshell!

In January we went to the Circus and the girls loved it!

In February we had a super awesome trip to Myrtle Beach with great friends. It was pretty cold but we had so much fun! This started my year of running since we went to run a 5K. More of that to come!

We had a quick weekend trip to see my mom in Arizona. We sure miss her and love when we get to spend time with her.

In March I danced at the Jazz game with all of the other moms who were Jazz Dancers in their former life!

We had a very successful Easter egg hunt!

Travis spent a whole lot of time on our John Deere while mowing the lawn. Sailyr likes to ride on it too.

I started teaching the girls how to clean! I can't wait until they are a little better at it.

We had a year of 'firsts'. Skylar had her first trip to the cavities either!

We did a lot of golfing together as a family. The girls have a set of tiny pink clubs.

My younger brother, Shad, graduated from the Fire Academy. He since has landed two firefighter jobs and has had some pretty amazing experiences!

The girls have become pros at posing for the camera!

Summer brought Sky and Sailyr's birthdays!

Skylar rode her new bike in the Plain City 4th of July parade!

She was also the flower girl at Scooter and Morgan's wedding.

We took our annual Twin Falls weekend with Trav's super fun fam. I love my sis-in-laws and mom-in-law!

We had tons of fun swimming and going to the park.

In September, Skylar started preschool. It has been so amazing! We can't believe how much she has learned. It's been fun to have some one-on-one time with Sailyr while Sky is at school.

We went on a fun trip to Denver for my birthday! We love to travel with Jason and Holly. I was glad to spend my bday with such special friends!!

Sky had fun dancing at halftime of the Fremont High School game!

We picked our pumpkins at Black Island Farms again!

Spent tons of time with this cute girl, Breckyn! She's getting big!

In October I completed my hardest physical trial of my life by running in the Ragnar Relay. So hard but so rewarding and fun!

There were a couple of witches at our house on Halloween:)

Skylar's preschool had a lot of fun fieldtrips. Sailyr manages to make her way into every class picture!

I loved sharing the whole year with my cute husband! I love him so much and I am glad I can say that our marriage is better than ever!!

My brother Spud returned after serving his mission in Samoa! We are so proud of him and it was perfect timing to have him home just before Christmas.

Travis has a birthday just before Christmas. We had a great party with his family and I was sure to put all 32 candles on his cake!

Christmas was funner than ever this year with our kids becoming so excited and really "getting" it!

What a great year! I can't wait to see what 2011 brings!