Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Finally Fall

I feel like as of today, fall is here to stay.  It has been really nice weather lately and we have taken advantage of it while still enjoying our fave fall activities!

The girls danced at the Fremont High Football game!
This is all the girls from our neighborhood that danced!  We have the funnest neighborhood!
We clearly needed to get a little closer to take some good video and pix.  Oh well!

We had a fun field trip to the trout farm.  The girls decorated little pumpkins with cute stickers.

 We made our annual trip to Black Island Farms for some fun and pumpkin picking!

 Next came Halloween festivities!  The girls had tons of fun at the preschool trunk-or-treat!  This year Sky was Cinderella and Sailyr was Rapunzel.  

 Sailyr doesn't like much done with her hair (tell me about it)!  So this Rapunzel just sported a ponytail.
 Then for Halloween night!  We usually go to Grandma Patti's but this year we decided to stay close to home and trick-or-treat in our own neck of the woods.  
 Breckyn came with us and she fit right in with the princess theme!  Steph even made her Belle dress!  I was seriously impressed:)  After a HUGE scare from Uncle Travis the Gorilla that answered the door, she calmed down and posed for a picture!

They had fun going from house to house and getting the loot!  Too much, actually!  After just going around our subdivision (about 12 houses) the girls were done and over it!  I think I will cherish these days of not having to go all over town hit up every house! We had lots of fun:)

First day of school (a little late)

Here are a few pics of the first day of preschool this year.
 Sailyr is recently famous for actually saying 'cheese' and doing the most ridiculous smiles in every picture.
 This is Sailyr's first year and she was so excited!  She did great!  We were a little worried about her being clingy when we dropped her off (have I mentioned that she LOVES me?).  We had nothing to worry about!  This is what she looked like when we picked her up!

 Skylar was her usual 'big girl' self.  She knows the routine.  She cruised right in and hung up her backpack and got her folder out.  She found her chair with her name on it and was good to go.

 Both of the girls made these cute binoculars on the first day.  They were so cute and they go with the Jungle theme of preschool this year...Wild About School!