Friday, October 31, 2008

Who's who?

For Halloween this year Sailyr is going to dress up as a peapod. It's the same darling costume that Skylar wore last year. I decided to recreate a picture we took of Skylar last year and the resemblence is crazy. I can't believe that just one year ago she looked exactly like what Sailyr looks like now! See if you can tell who is who. I will post tomorrow and reveal the answer!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Everyday life!

So nothing too exciting going on in our lives right now. Just the usual stuff- work, babies, laundry, enjoying the fall weather, etc. Sailyr started eating cereal this week. She isn't really sure about it. It's almost like she isn't sure what to do with it once she gets a bite in her mouth! Her little face has this puzzled look, like "should I spit our swallow this?" When I give her a bite her eyes go crosseyed watching the spoon go in her funny! She looks so big in her high chair. Now that she is sitting in a high chair too, our kitchen is jam packed with high chairs. Okay not jam packed but honestly two of them takes up a lot of space. Also my kitchen floor is always in need of a good mopping now days with Skylar "the mess" Hess eating,(let's be honest, she doesn't eat. Just gets a few things nice and soggy and them flings them to the floor). I feel like I just can't keep up at times. I have to remind myself that those kind of things don't really matter in the long run! So if you come to my house, just understand that I know that I need to mop...I will get to it! I just have to spot mop the messes that are the most urgent. Anyways enough of my cleaning problems...
So I just downloaded a bunch of his songs from iTunes. I can't wait to plug my ipod in and jam out!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall Tradition

Today we took advantage of the great weather and did lots of stuff outside. My youngest brother, Lantzen, had a football game this morning. The girls and I went and cheered him on and had a blast even though they lost by 1 point. :( Oh well, they had a great season with this game being their first loss. Way to go, Lantzen!
Then later when Travis was home from his usual Saturday morning duck hunt, we took our girls out to Black Island Farms in Syracuse. This place was so much fun! They had lots of animals to see and feed, fun slides, a corn maze, a bouncy pumpkin, pig races and lots more. After hanging out in the activities area for a while, we took a hayride out to the pumpkin patch and we got to pick our own pumpkin. It was really fun and if you have kids you should definetely take them out there before the season is over!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Recently, Travis taught Skylar how to jump. Now she does it all the time. All we have to say is, "ready, jump!!" and she gets down really low and springs up on her toes without even leaving the ground and says, "Nump!" It is so funny! Maybe this is one of those things that you have to see to think it is funny or maybe even if you see it you have to love her to think it is funny or maybe you just have to be a really proud mom or dad to think it is funny. But either way, we crack up every time. We just have her do it so we can laugh with her. I suppose it is just one of those things that make being a parent so awesome! It reminds me that it's the little things in life that make it so worth living sometimes! Being a mom makes me so happy, I just want to...NUMP!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


On Friday night, we celebrated my favorite October tradition...THRILLER!!! For years now we have been going to see this awesome show! I love it! For those who don't know, this isn't a throwback of the old Micheal Jackson album. Okay, maybe it is kindof. But it's a great show that is put on by Odyssey Dance Theater every year. They are a group of extremely talented professional dancers and performers! This year we saw it at Weber State which was nice because it was closer than Kingsbury Hall and we were able to get home a little earlier therefore picking up kids from the babysitter earlier, therefore getting them home and in bed earlier, therefore preventing a horrible-temper-tantrum-filled-because-the-girls-got-to-bed-too-late morning. Travis always likes to come to Thriller with me and I think it is so great of him. The first time we saw it I think, wait I know, he was just going because I wanted to go and he was expecting it to be totally lame and just another dance theater show. But he soon was really enjoying it and he goes with me every year! We went with Travis's brothers and wives and his parents and had a really good time!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Heart breaker!

Watch out boys! This little girl is going to be a catch one day! She already melts my heart everyday! These are a few of her 3 month pictures that Julie took a couple of weeks ago. I can't stand how cute she is! She is getting sooo big (why do they have to get big?) and she is so giggly and smiley! I love this girl!! Don't you want to just squeeze her?!