Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Everybody loves free stuff, especially when it's super awesome stuff!

That being said...

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What have we been up to?!

So here's to not blogging in 6 months...anybody with me?

We have had a lot going on in the last little while. While it hasn't been out-of-control exciting, it actually is pretty blog-worthy!
So here we go:

Our awesome babysitter/friend/coworker/secondmomtomygirls got married in January. I don't have pictures from the wedding (I don't know why) but I do have some pictures of the shower our shop threw for her.

We played a hilarious game and she went away with some fabulous prizes!!

My mom and Don came to town and we took the girls bowling for the first time. It was so much fun and I think Skylar might have beat me!

Skylar did the little cheerleader clinic at Fremont High and cheered/danced at the basketball halftime. She made sure to be front and center this time, since at the football game in the fall we couldn't even see her little self stuck in the back of the group. I have to say, I was the proudest mom ever!!! She did so great! She knew the whole dance and really hammed it up! Her kicks and cheers were to die for! I can't wait until the fall when both she and Sailyr can do the clinic!

Travis' youngest brother got married in March to the cutest girl! Her name is Kelsie and she is tons of fun! Before the wedding, all the girls went to Salt Lake and had a bachelorette party for her. Cheesecake Factory, pedicures, gifts and games...of course we had fun!

Their wedding was fun and Kelsie looked so beautiful. We love having her in our family and she and Jubb are a perfect match!

Here are the best parts of my life

In February, we took our annual trip to Myrtle Beach with some fun friends. We ran the 5K and did some other fun stuff like shuffleboard, looking for shells on the beach and quite a bit of shopping.

Have you ever seen a man over 30 in a shopping cart? Here you go! I think I laughed until I cried! This is what this trip is all about!

The real highlight of the trip for Travis and me was the road trip we took up to Chapel Hill, NC to watch the Tarheels play Basketball! Travis is a HUGE North Carolina fan so this was a dream come true for him! It was so cool!

Of course he had to get a new jersey to commemmorate this day!

In April, Travis and I celebrated our 8th anniversary! We have now officially been married longer than we dated!
(Blurry picture taken with my iphone!)

We went to the annual freezing-cold-why-don't-I-ever-bring-my-hat-and-gloves-easter egg hunt in Plain City. Why does it always have to be so cold/snowing on Easter? Isn't it supposed to be in the "SPRING"?

Skylar played T-ball this year for the first time. She loved it, but could use a little more practice. The night before her first practice I said, "Sky, you have T-ball in the morning!" She screamed with excitement! I said, "Wait, do you know what T-ball is?" She said, "No. What is it?!"
I think she actually did pretty well for not even knowing what it was! Her team was the Yellow Bees! They were all just 3-5 years old and hilarious to watch!
Skylar had her birthday and I can't believe that she is 4!!! She is the best girl and we are so proud of her:) She is so beautiful inside and out. Skylar is a loving sister and a good friend. She is super smart and loves to tell you what letter and sound words start with. We love having her in our family!
She wanted to go to the splash pad so we had a little party for her there. She invited some friends and all of our family came as well.
This picture of Breckyn is so cute! I love Kelsie in the background. She is such a nut!

We took our boat out for the first time this year. The water was freezing but the sun was shining so we couldn't complain!

Finally it was time for Sailyr's birthday. She turned 3 and was so excited! She is such a big girl that likes to do everything for herself (and she does it so well!). She gets herself totally dressed without help, always brushes her teeth herself, and folds her laundry! She has the cutest scratchy voice and the funniest accent. She speaks like she is from New York and England all mixed together! (She says 'cah'=car, 'gehl'=girl, etc.)

She wanted to go bowling, so we took her to Boondocks for a day of fun! Then we had a party at our house for her later that night. She had a lot of fun and some really great gifts!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

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