Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Easter!

We have a new baby in our family! Shawn and Jamie, Travis' oldest brother, had a new baby girl! Her name is Kacie Christine Hess and she is so beautiful. She has a ton of black hair and looks exactly like Jamie's baby pictures. When we went to see them in the hospital, I couldn't believe how small she was! It is hard to remember Skylar ever being that tiny! Kacie made Skylar look so big. Babies just grow so fast! I guess we will be getting a real life reminder of how small a newborn is in less than three months! Wow, is our life going to get really busy, really quick. I am a little nervous but super excited! Here are some new pictures of Skylar!


Shawn and Jamie Hess said...

Those are really good pictures! She is so cute!! We miss you guys!

Morgan Greaves said... has been forever since I have seen you. I think the last time was a lady fitness and we were talking about trying to get happy for you! Such a cute family!!! Congrats on the first, she is beautiful and good luck with the 2nd! Tell Travis hi!