Thursday, August 7, 2008


I got this from a friends blog and it's so fun. Everyone needs to try it.

A- Attached or Single? Attached...married for 5 years but together for 8 before that!
B- Best Friend? Trav
C- Cake or Pie? Cake
D- Day of Choice? Saturday...a fun day to do stuff as a family
E- Essential Item? Q-tips
F- Favorite Color? Blue
G- Gummy Bears or Worms? Bears for sure! Everyone knows how I feel about worms:(
H- Home Town? All over Ogden area!
I- Favorite Indulgence? Swedish Fish
J- January or July? July!!!
K- Kids? 2 baby girls
L- Life isn't complete without? Family and friends
M-Marriage Date? April 11, 2003
N- Number of Brothers and Sisters? 6 half bros, 1 half sis, 3 step bros and one step sis!
O- Oranges or Apples? Apples, oranges are too much work to peel.
P- Phobias? Snakes, hands down my greatest phobia! Kerri knows what I'm talking about!
Q- Quote? You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose!
R- Reasons to smile? Skylar saying "Hi!" Those who know her can tell you why it makes you smile every time!
S- Season of Choice? Fall. Still warm but you can start to wear more clothes!
T- Tag 3 People? Tara, Steph, Kerri
U- Unknown fact about me? I never liked tomatoes until we grew them in our garden!
V- Vegetable? Peas
W- Worst Habit? Talking too much and I might interrupt sometimes:)
X- X-ray or Ultrasound? Ultrasound
Y- Your Favorite Food? Pizza and coke
Z- Zodiac Sign? Virgo


Steph and Brady said...

Cute post! Hey, you did what I talked to you about yesterday. It is funny to see huh?!

Our Family Tree Is Full Of Nuts.... said...

Hey, nice post. Thanks for doing it. I was hoping that you would do it, that's why I tagged you. We still need to get together sometime. Hope all is well.

vivian_petite said...

ooo, so cute pic of the two babies on the top :-)