Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Totally worth it

(This happened a while back but I was thinking about the "incident" today and it made me laugh.)

Place of (near) crime: Kid to Kid on Riverdale Road
Suspect of (near) crime: Me, mother of two babies (at the time), both of which could use a Bumbo Seat.
Object of (near) crime: Bumbo Seat
Accomplice of (near) crime: Polite woman who offered to give/sell me her Bumbo after she had ALMOST sold it to Kid to Kid employee.
(near) Crime: ALMOST buying said Bumbo Seat from accomplice instead of letting her sell it to Kid to Kid and buying it from them.
(near) Punishment: Being BANNED from Kid to Kid along with my accomplice aka nice woman who saw me eyeing down said Bumbo from the moment she walked into the store.
Resolution: Accomplice sold said Bumbo Seat to store for $7.50 and (near) suspect buying said Bumbo from store for $17.95.
Lesson learned: Watch for Bumbo Seats outside in parking lot and offer to buy them there before accomplices walk through doors of Kid to Kid!


The Playin' Lakins said...

They almost banned you from kid to kid?! Oh wow. Glad you escaped that punishment!

Chris and Kerri said...

I remember when this happened because you called me right after!!!! That is hilarious!