Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, Bros!

Happy Birthday to Shad and Brady today! Travis and I both have brothers born on this day in 1983. They are both 26 today!

Shad is such a great guy. He is working so hard to support himself and his beautiful wife Amanda. He goes to school full time and works at Walmart Distribution Center. He is always so much fun to be around and is always making us laugh with his funny whistling, stories and overall funny sense of humor. He has a really good heart and we love him so much!

Brady is working in Healthcare Administration and can't wait to be a new dad! We know that he will be awesome. He is busy taking care of his pregnant and nauseos wife! Brady and Travis have such a great sibling relationship. Brady is always up for a golf game or just to sit around and watch UNC win the national championship! He is a really great person and we feel lucky to have him in our family!

Happy Birthday, guys!


Sherice said...

That is some crazy birthday business! I can't believe both of their birthdays are on the same day. They are both so darn cute!

Steph and Brady said...

I didn't know Shad's birthday is today too! That is funny! What a nice post. I will have to show Brady! You are so sweet to do that!

Tara- said...

Happy bday Shad!!!! :)