Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What a toughie!

Last night Sailyr got stung by one of these:

She only cried for literally one minute, if that! I didn't even realize what had happened to her until we were getting the girls in the tub about 30 minutes later. Her hand was a little swollen but seemed fine. She is so tough. She takes some hard hits every day since she is still not 100% steady on her feet and she hardly ever cries about any of them! I can't stand how much I love this girl! (Sometimes I really want to take a bite out of her...she's so cute that I really could eat her!:)


Camille Parker said...

I totally agree!! she is one tough cookie. She also is so cute I could just eat her up.. I luv both of your girls to death.

Steph and Brady said...

Oh little Sailyr! She really is a tough girl! What a sweetheart!

CBS said...

Stupid bees! Nate got stung yesterday too when he was helping me water my flowers! He started yelling "No bee, NO NO bee!" Kids are the best:)