Thursday, January 14, 2010

My goal for the next year is to spend less money on groceries. I am so sick of coming home from the store and feeling like I don't have much to show for the money that I just spent. There are so many resources out there for money saving ideas and coupons that it is a waste for me not to take advantage of them! I have been getting some tips and tricks from a few really good "couponers" that I know. After a lot of research and some preperation I felt somewhat ready to make my weekly grocery trip.
I had a few rules for myself:
1. Follow my list. I had a VERY detailed list! It included what I was going to buy, prices of what I was to buy, how many of each item and what coupons I was going to use for that particular deal.
2. Only buy things that were on sale. I was not going to be "brand picky" for most items. I just wanted to get the best prices on things that brands don't matter on. (Black beans, tomato sauce, etc.)
3. Get as many of each item on sale that I could afford. My secondary goal for the year is to build up our food storage, which up until now has been non-existent!
So I headed out, with both kids in tow. I went to my usual store (Harmon's) so I would be able to find what I needed. Eventually, when I get better at this I may start shopping at other stores that my "experts" say have much better deals. It took a little more concentration than my normal shopping trips but the end result was worth it!
I saved $89.53 by only buying sale items and using my coupons! My reciept was longer than both of my arms reached out! I had some things that I normally wouldn't buy and that makes for a little more variety in my pantry. Also, my storage shelf downstairs is so much fuller than it has been! It is a really exciting and empowering thing to make your dollar go further! I love it! I hope to do more of this in the months to come!
Here are some of the websites that I used this week to fuel my deals:


Chris and Kerri said...

How exciting. I am so excited for you that this worked. I know that this is something that you really wanted to work on this year. Now I know that I can get some tips from you. Love ya!

Our Family Tree Is Full Of Nuts.... said...

It's fun hu?? I love to see just how much you really can save. Good luck :)

Steph and Brady said...

Okay I am very proud! You are going to have to take me next time you go. I decided I am going to copy you and try this out too. So, you are going to have to give me some hints on the best way to do it.

The Playin' Lakins said...

Go to It is a site that I use. It's $5 a month and this lady goes through the store ads and price compares to WalMart and Costco, then she breaks everything out and tells you what is a really good deal and what is just okay. I love it! Plus she also has a meal plan based on what is on sale that week and gives you food storage tips. I really love it. I easily save at least $20 per shopping trip, and that is regular shopping plus stocking up on food storage. I love it!

Bree said...

I am a total coupon NERD! It is my favorite thin ever. I can show you what I do if you ever want to know. really should venture out to Smiths...they rock, and are way cheaper than Harmons(even though I like Harmons for their Western Family stuff).

Holly said...

Good for you! I need to start doing that too!

Tara- said...

Thats totally awesome if you can save money at Harmons..that store is like death to my wallet when I go there! ha... I love love Target! better variety and I pretty much spend about the same as if I were at Walmart! But I love Smiths too ;) you should try those