Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Our "beach" vacation, minus the sun and surf!

Over Valentine's Day weekend, we went to Myrtle Beach with a group of friends to have a fun time and run in a 5K. I knew it wouldn't be very warm, but we sure didn't expect this....SNOW! It snowed about 4 inches, which isn't a huge deal to us here but it hasn't snowed there in 10 years! It was pretty crazy. Despite the snow, it was one of the funnest trips we have ever had! We laughed and talked and had great meals and silly moments. It was a trip that was much needed for me, without the kids! I needed a break and it was just perfect!

Jason and Holly

Me and Trav

Dirk and Misty

Charley and Mary

Holly and me on the beach

For more fun and exciting posts on this trip you can go here or here!


Holly said...

I love Travis's glasses. They rock!

Steph and Brady said...

Ditto to Holly's comment. I am glad you guys got to go on that trip. Sounds like fun! must have got a new keyboard huh?! :) Glad you are back to blogging!

Misty Dube said...

We had so much fun getting to know you both better! Thanks for all the laughs! Super cute blog!

Our Family Tree Is Full Of Nuts.... said...

Travis kills me! Those glasses are so funny. It seriously was the funnest vacation ever. I can't wait to do it again next year, and to have even BETTER stories to share.. :)