Thursday, March 18, 2010

43 dancers with 71 kids from 4 different states...

Last night was the big game! It was so much fun! Just being in that atmosphere brings back so many fun memories! We danced a routine during the first quarter break and then threw the little balls to the crowd and danced "Great balls of fire" with the current dancers during the 4th quarter. We had a lot of fun!

Travis got to sit in really great seats, thanks to Jason and Holly. Thanks you guys! He was front and center for the performance. Holly and Hannah sat in the other seats they have and at halftime I was able to run up and see them!

Here we are just before the routine started. There were alot of us and we took up the whole floor!

This is the Jazz Dancers director and coach, Jan and my friend Brandy. We took a lot of pictures in the locker room while we got ready.

This is Cristina and Kellie. They are both amazing dancers and have so much personality!

Me, Sandy and Melissa...Sandy has 4 kids now and Melissa has 3!

Brandy, Lara, Kendra, me and Lindsey...Lara traveled from Grand Junction, CO to make this performance!

Here are the girls from my years on the team striking a silly pose...inside joke!

Lara, Brandy, me, Marty and Lindsey

Crystal, Courtney, Lindsey, Julie, Brandy and me getting ready.

All of us former dancers had tons of catching up to do and I loved learning what everyone was up to these days and seeing pictures of thier kids. Everyone is still in great shape and we all did pretty good on the routine! We hear they may have us back next year for a big halftime show...I would love to do this again!

For all the action in a video check out this post


Mary said...

Good Job! I watched the video that Holly posted, and it looks like you still have it. Way to go....

Channa said...

We watched that game and were looking for you!! That looked like so much fun! I was actually jealous;) I wish Weber State would do that. I bet it was so fun to catch up with all those girls who were such a big part if your life and to perform again!