Sunday, April 6, 2008

Skylar's first sleepover!

This weekend Skylar had her first sleepover. She spent the night at my Dad and Mal's on Friday night. She did really well but I kind of had a hard time. I had to leave really early on Saturday morning to judge a dance competition in Salt Lake and Travis was out of town so we decided it would be easier for everyone if she stayed the night somewhere. She slept through the night pretty much and everyone at my dad's had lots of fun with her there, as usual! I didn't get home until after her bedtime on Saturday so I couldn't wait to see her on Sunday morning. I missed her so much! She got to spend Saturday afternoon alone with her dad which they both enjoyed. Later that evening, all of Trav's family came over to watch North Carolina get thier butts kicked by Kansas. I am kind of glad that I wasn't here to have to witness the agony of defeat! Oh well, maybe next year!

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