Thursday, February 5, 2009

30 Random Things

This is something that Mary tagged me to do. Here are thirty random things about me...

1. I have extremely dry skin. I am looking at a cracked knuckle right now!
2. Travis and I started dating when I was 15 years old. I didn't even have a driver's license yet and I still had braces!
3. I have a severe phobia of snakes. Someone brought one to our Xmas party and I almost had a heart attack!
4. I don't mind doing laundry but I hate to fold it and put it away.
5. I usually sleep on my left side.
6. I love orange juice. I like to drink it right out of the carton. (gross, I know)
7. I have 5 brothers and 1 sister whose names all begin with the letter, L. (Lydon, Landry, Larkin, Lawson, Lantzen, and Lexus)
8. I gave Sailyr the middle name, Jae, after my middle name (Joan) and my mom's name (Joni).
9. Forest Gump is one of my all time fave movies!
10. I once did a cartwheel instead of an aerial at a Jazz game. (I'm pretty sure anybody can do a cartwheel, even a 3 year old. Yep, both hands went down! :( Pretty embarrassing!)
11. I don't like Peanut Butter.
12. I have almost always had short hair. Some styles better than others.
13. I have a cat named, Fred. I didn't name him, he had that name when I got him from the shelter but it totally fits him.
14. My parents got divorced when I was about 15 months old.
15. We went on our honeymoon to Jackson Hole and we came home early. (Don't go to Jackson in April. Nothing, I repeat, Nothing to do.) (I know what you are thinking but you can only do that so much :)
16. I started college with a plan to do pre-med. I now am a hair stylist. Don't ask me how that happened.
17. I think Travis looks so cute when he wears his hat backwards.
18. I have been on national TV. When I went to NY with the Hess', Patti and I went to The View. I announced an upcoming segment.
19. I used to volunteer for the American Cancer Society program called "look good, feel better".
20. I secretly enjoy watching Sesame Street with my kids! The same characters are still on that show as when I watched it years ago!
21. I have a really good memory. I remember things from when my parents were married. I can recall phone numbers pretty well also.
22. I know lots of random useless information. At work, they call me Dex, like the guy on the commercials.
23. I love it when Travis compliments me on being a good mom! There is no better compliment.
24. I almost always order Shrimp when we go out to eat at the Timbermine.
25. I really miss working there!
26. I love to brush my teeth and I can't wait to get my teeth cleaned!
27. I sing to the radio in the car (really loud!).
28. I have some really great friends!
29. I hardly ever wear perfume. I love it but I always forget to put it on.
30. I love my husband and daughters. Not random but true!


Fishers said...

You are so funny!! You ALWAYS have remembered my phone number... I miss seeing you and working at the Timbermine too. Sundays totally rocked!!! :)

Chris and Kerri said...

This was really fun to read more about you! You are a good mom. I want to be just like you one day!

Sarah said...

Fun to learn more about you and I loved the post about your oldest, so fun.

Holly said...

hmmm.. I've never heard you belt out a tune. I didn't know about that hidden talent. Maybe next year's Christmas Party....

Steph and Brady said...

You do have such a good memory! I was laughing about your honeymoon. I think it is so funny that you guys came home early! This was a fun post! I loved reading it!

Staci Wilson said...

Sierra - I loved the cartwheel story! I was on Klint and Kylie's blog and found you. Your girls are so beautiful!! Hopefully you can come back to Timbermine when things settle down with the girls. Sunday dinners at the Timbermine have been soo good lately! (Thanks to Brandi)