Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dancing Girl

Last week, Skylar danced in the Jr. Silverline Halftime at the Fremont Football game. I was so excited for her to do this since it is something that is somewhat close to my heart. When I was did Drill Team in high school, the little dancer fundraiser was always so fun and I couldn't wait for my girls to be old enough to participate. She did 3 clinics during the week and then Friday was the big day. She was so excited!! During the performance she was really hard to see, I should have told her to make sure she made her way to the front of the group. She was nearly the littlest one in her class! She did a great job and knew the dance well. We were so proud of her! She wasn't scared or nervous, she is so independent! I can't wait for next year when both my girls can do it!

Skylar and Sailyr got their faces painted!

Look how little she looks next to some of the older girls!

Warming up!

The performance...She is way in the back.

The whole family came out to watch her! Breckyn looked so cute in her hat!

Here is her famous pose!


Sowells said...

How fun! Ryan keeps telling me to get Penelepe in a dance class. I am so jealous about your garden!!! I planted 4 and I've gotten 3 tomatoes. Something keeps eating them!!! It makes me so mad!

Mary said...

She's getting so big. Good job Skylar!

Holly said...

She's so cute, and she loves to dance (Hannah's solo practices taught me that)!

Steph and Brady said...

She did such a good job! She is such a good little dancer!