Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Day!

This week marked a big day at our house...Skylar started preschool! I was so excited for her! Travis and I were way more excited than she was. Not that she didn't want to go, she just had no idea what to expect. A few days before, I asked her, "What kind of things do you think you do at preschool?"
She thought about it and said, "I ACTUALLY don't know!" All this hype about preschool for months and she has no idea what it was about. She just knew that she got to go and take her backpack.
We go her ready and headed out the door. We made it just in time and then Travis surprised her and came and met us to walk her into her class.

Jax, our friend and carpool buddy, Sailyr, and Skylar

We found her cubby and hung up her backpack and she was off to do some playdough in her seat. A few pictures and the parents had to leave. I admit I shed a tear on my way back to the car :( Something about her getting so big. It's hard to believe how fast it goes by!

When it was time to pick her up, again Travis surprised us and came to see her come out of class. He is the CUTEST dad! She had a great day and made a star headband and she had a treat. She is excited to go back today!


Holly said...

she's so cute! I'm sure she's loving preschool. We already talked about this, but I'm sure it's good for Sailyr to have a little "mommy and me" time.

Cute pictures, and way to go Travis! Little things like that are so special!

Steph and Brady said...

She is just getting so big! She looks adorable in those pictures! I am sure she loves preschool. She is so cute! I love what Travis did. He is such a sweet and thoughtful dad.

KeLseY said...

Bitter sweet!! She is growing up so fast.. So cute!!