Monday, November 8, 2010

The 'Real' Real Housewives

In October I ran in the Las Vegas Ragnar Relay. We had a blast and I can't believe that I actually did it! I was recruited by my bestie Holly and in turn recruited my sis-in-law Stephanie. Our team was full of other people that I didn't know but soon became really close with, that happens after spending 32 hours in a Suburban together! Our team did awesome and though I didn't love it while I was running, I was stoked after it was over and I hope I can do it again!

This was our team name, after my fave TV series!

Van #1 minus Kim who was running her leg!

Steph running her first leg of the relay, about 7 miles! (we each had three legs we had to run)

Two "hot" moms! I use that phrase loosely! Alright,we know we weren't that hot but we had matching sunglasses, okay!

Our whole team after crossing the finish line! We finished in 32 hrs 14 min which placed us 14th in our division! Not bad for a bunch of moms and Ragnar rookies!

What a cool experience! I was so glad I got to do this with Holly and Steph! Thanks girls!
For a look at what we did after the race click here! One of the highlights of the trip!
Next up...Ogden Half Marathon!


Dresden said...

You were in that suburban?? I passed it on the freeway haha, what a coincidence! Good job running that thing!

Mary said...

Congrats! Someday I will do the Ragnar... someday!

Kate said...

COngrtas you guys! That is so awesome! I want to do a ragnar race for sure...I have done two half marathons...good luck you can totally do it!

annie valentine said...

Jason ran the Wasatch Back here in Utah with his family. I cheered from the car.

I need my hair done pronto, my roots are atrocious. How soon can you fit me in?

Channa said...

Good job!!! I can't decide if the ragnar sounds like fun or torture:) But I thing it's awesome that you did it. I love your team name btw!

Sowells said...

Wow - I'm so impressed! Great Job!