Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wittow bit scary...

This year for Halloween, the girls both wanted to be witches. They looked so cute and were super excited to wear and show off their costumes! When they told people they were going to be witches for Halloween, Sailyr would go into this speech about how they weren't scary witches but her costume was 'just a wittow bit scary and Sky's was just a wittow bit scary too!'. She would talk so fast that it was hard to catch all she was saying about it but it was so funny! She talks soooo much and is hilarious!

(sorry for the blurry cellphone photos)
They only wanted to trick or treat for about 10 houses and they were done. I guess a rainstorm and unanswered doors got a old really fast! We did have yummy chili and treats at Grandma Patti's waiting for us when we were done so it was none too soon!


Sherice said...

That is the cutest thing I've heard! Love it. It sounds like your month went about like mine. I swear I remember seeing your "Real Housewives" van! That Ragnar business is no joke- but oh, so fun! Glad to hear you guys had a great time!!

Sherice said...

Our team was the "Peco Posse" because we were sponsored by Peco, so nothin' too exciting there. I was put on the team at the last minute, and was terribly out of shape. It still turned out to be a great race, and a great time! I would definitely do it again! :)