Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Spectacular

A few weeks ago I won (yes, I said WON!!) tickets to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular featuring the one and only Rockettes! We got to sit in a suite with tons of treats and snacks and see a great Christmas show! It really got us in the holiday mode. Skylar loved it and watched the whole show. Luckily we did have lots of snacks and treats for Sailyr since her attention span is waaayyy shorter than her sister's. She enjoyed it too!
Travis was a true sport! He had a horrible cold but he still drove us down to SLC in a huge snowstorm to see the show. He's such a great guy!

Sailyr said the funniest thing! Santa came out on the stage in his sleigh with the Rockettes as his reindeer at the first of the show. Later when he came back out without his sleigh, she asked me, "Mom, where's his trailer?" I thought it was so funny! She is at a cute age!

Skylar wouldn't pose for a picture in front of the Rockettes poster but here is Sailyr. Don't be jealous of my mad photography skills. I know how to take a hot picture! J/K


Holly said...

Fun, fun you winner! I'm jealous. I bet the show was fab!

Sherice said...

I heard that show was just fabulous! So jealous you got to go. Your girlies are so darn cute! Hope you guys had a Merry Christmas!

Leslee Belle said...

we went to the show too! it was awesome!

Steph and Brady said...

Oh my goodness, I forgot to ask you about this! I am glad you posted about it. I am sure it was so fun! Trav is really a good sport. I am glad you guys had a fun time!