Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Fourth!

Here is our 4th of pictures!

We started with the bike parade! Look at this cutie rocking the girly bike! (She since can ride withOUT training wheels!)
Sky was so fast, we literally missed her riding by us! I didn't get a picture of her in action so she posed with her sis afterward.
Then it was time to wait for the loot!!
Even Sammy, our new puppy, got to come!
Look at this face! She is getting so grown up!
Then we were off to the park for some fun rides and slides!
After this, Sailyr and I had to get home...she was starting to feel feverish. (Turns out she came down with a nasty case of Hand, Foot and Mouth. I had heard of it before but had no idea what it was. Now we know it is the W.O.R.S.T. thing!!! She had never been so sick! Skylar got a minor case of it, but Sailyr got the majority of it. Poor girl!)
Anyway, our 4th ended with a bang! We had a neighborhood fireworks show with everyone putting their fireworks together at one house and Travis and Jay lighting them up! The kids had a ton of fun playing with sparklers and snaps (until Skylar stepped on a burnt sparkler ember and burned the bottom of her foot).
All in all it was a fun 4th! Until next year...

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