Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weekend Getaway

A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to run in the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon. One of my friends from work was signed up with her husband but as the time for the race grew closer, she realized they weren't able to do it, so she offered it to me. At first I thought 'no way!'...due to my lack of running lately. But then I thought that it would be a fun excuse for a weekend getaway with my fam, so I asked my sis-in-law if she would run with me. She agreed and we were off! We invited Trav's mom along as well. She is always up for an adventure!
The first night we had some downtime...the town of Tropic, Utah is not much for the nightlife!
Naturally, the girls had to pose for our new camera.

The next morning was the run. We didn't have high expectations for ourselves. We weren't very trained for it, but we knew we would finish! We were looking forward to enjoying the beautiful scenery and a good workout. We finished with a respectable time and overall felt pretty good about it.
You know those girls that look cute and unsweaty when they run/workout? Well, I am not one of those girls. See Exhibit A below! Oh, well.
After the race, we spent the afternoon checking out Bryce Canyon. My Mom and Don met us to see the sights. None of us had ever been there before and can I just say AMAZING!!!

I couldn't believe how literally breathtaking it is!!! WOW!!!
We did a pretty hard hike. Well, it wasn't bad on the way down, but then we did have to turn around and make it back up the way we came. Not easy carrying a sleeping 3 year old while plugging along on tired legs! We made it, however, and I am so glad we did it! It was something else!

We saw the canyon from all sides of the rim and it didn't disappoint from any vantage point! Beautiful!

We were so glad that Grandma Patti could come with us!
It was a much-needed getaway and we had a blast. Who knows, maybe it will become a tradition! Until next year...


Holly said...

Fun! I'll have to add that place to my list of must do's! Your girls are growing up! They are beautiful like their mama. Look at your buff arms in your first running pic. You don't give yourself enough credit!

Steph and Brady said...

That was so fun! Thanks for inviting me to come. We always have fun with you guys. Yeah I am with holly, you are buff. . . Well more like super toned. I wish I had those arms. :)

CBS said...

Good job!! And I think you look super cute for just running 13 miles! :) Tough chic.